Construction staking, or site layout surveys, are developed using the construction plans to mark the location(s) of proposed structures.  In addition to typically being required by the construction lender, they also ensure that the construction project is built on the site location according to the engineer's or architect's layout.

During site development, we use the engineer’s or architect’s layout shown in their plans and place stakes in their correct location on the ground so the construction contractor can place the building(s), roads, driveways, parking areas, electrical and other underground utilities in the correct location.

A surveyor may do rough grade construction staking to show the general location of improvements on the site or a site layout survey to be used for construction.  An as-built survey may be provided by the surveyors to verify the final location of the building(s) and all improvements for lender or title insurance purposes.

From fully involved commercial developments to residential home sites for a new home, Associated Land Surveyors has the expertise and staffing to complete your construction staking, rough grade staking or as-built survey project timely, efficiently and accurately.